I’m Zach, the creator of The Retuned Wood Co. . Everything you see on this website has been made using my own two hands in my workshop in Morley, Leeds.
I started The Retuned Wood Co. when I noticed how much waste wood was being produced at my old job as a guitar builder. This was all beautiful hardwood, often rare or endangered species that were being thrown away simply because they were too small to make a guitar with. I started taking some scraps home and made a few different items like headphone stands and jewellery boxes that I sold on Etsy. It wasn’t long until I realised I felt a lot more passionate about this sustainable and ethical pursuit than I did about making guitars (and I loved making guitars!). I thought the company I was working for musn’t be the only one missing a waste management system for their wood, and so The Retuned Wood Co. became a full time endeavor!

I now make bespoke items such as furniture, homeware and commercial displays using 100% sustainable materials. I primarily use reclaimed wood that has come from local businesses and demolished buildings around Yorkshire and the North of England. Sustainability is at the heart of everything I make. From using timber that would have otherwise been sent to landfill and utilising natural finishing products, to ensuring all online shop deliveries are carbon neutral and sent in plastic-free packaging.

I try my absolute best to make this a sustainable and ethical company that can provide you with beautiful, guilt free products for you to enjoy in your home or business. Every piece has a story behind it and has been built by real, local people.
I hope you find something on this site that brings you joy.