I’m Zach, the creator of The Retuned Wood Co. . Everything you see on this website has been made using my own two hands in my workshop in Morley, Leeds.
I started The Retuned Wood Co. when I noticed how much waste wood was being produced at my old job as a guitar builder. This was all beautiful hardwood, often rare or endangered species that were being thrown away simply because they were too small to make a guitar with. I started taking some scraps home and made a few different items like headphone hooks, jewellery and trinket boxes that I sold on Etsy. It wasn’t long until I realised I felt a lot more passionate about this sustainable and ethical pursuit than I did about making guitars (and I loved making guitars!). I thought the company I was working for musn’t be the only one missing a waste management system for their wood, and so The Retuned Wood Co. became a full time endeavor!
I now purchase scrap hardwood, that would have otherwise been thrown away, from local businesses and demolished buildings around Yorkshire. This way, the businesses can recoup some of their material costs for the wood they can’t use and feel encouraged not to send it to landfill in future. Although wood is biodegradable, the 12.2 million tonnes that go to landfill each year (based on data from 2018) releases harmful gasses into our atmosphere as it rots away. Reclaimed timber is perfectly usable, the most common reason it is discarded is because it’s either too small or has too many knots and cracks to be suitable for its original purpose.
I utilise sustainable design and traditional joinery techniques to create little to no waste using 100% reclaimed wood and plastic free finishing products. Every order is handmade by me and includes free carbon neutral shipping in plastic free, recycled or reused packaging.
I try my absolute best to make this a sustainable and ethical company that can provide you with some beautiful, guilt free products for you to enjoy in your home. Every piece has a story behind where it came from and what it was originally used for, from the oldest mill in Yorkshire, to demolished buildings and furniture.
I hope you find something on this site that brings you joy.